NYC Traffic Attorney: Stop Excessive Honking For Your Sake And Others

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Many cities in the Northwestern states have laws against excessive honking. One of those cities is New York City. The fine is 350 dollars for an offense, but the law’s guidelines are quite fuzzy, which makes it possible to fight. The professionals at understand how nerve-racking it can be to get a ticket for honking a horn. New York City just took down the signs warning New Yorkers about the ticket, but the law is still in effect, and a NYC Traffic ticket attorney knows this, which is why you should be prepared. There are a few tips that can help stop excessive honking. You should also know that, as incredulous as it may sound, this law is there to keep you and others safe.

NYC Traffic Attorney Tips to Help You Honk Less

New Yorkers know there are many reasons to honk in New York City. It is almost impossible to be in traffic, either by foot, taxi, ride-share, or your own car, and not have to deal with a honk or two. Yet, the honk that may get you in trouble will be the one you commit. The law has been in effect for ages, yet people are still surprised to find themselves receiving a ticket for simply honking.

There is only one thing you can do to ensure that you do not become a victim of your honk, besides stop driving altogether, and that is to learn how to honk correctly. The first thing that you should remember is when honking is okay and when it is not. For instance, it is okay to honk if you notice that a vehicle is drifting into your lane. This constitutes as an emergency and therefore lawful. It is okay to give a quick honk to a car or a pedestrian who is unknowingly moving into danger.


Now, there are many situations that do not require a honk. The first, and the most obvious in New York City, is honking to express anger. This is a big no-no, and you will be cited if a police officer notices you using the horn in this fashion. One obvious moment that will garner attention is honking just because you are in traffic. There is no reason to honk when there is traffic because it is not going to make traffic move any faster. A police officer will read this action as hostile and unnecessary, which could mean a ticket for you.

Honking at pedestrians for walking slowly or bicyclists for being in your way can also result in a ticket. It is also wrong to honk the horn to speed up cars in front of you because they failed to move as soon as the light turned green. There is a chance that something that you are unaware of may be obstructing traffic, so it wise to hold your honk during these situations.

Learning to control your natural honk tendencies could help you avoid tickets in NYC but also in other cities around the Northwestern parts of the United States. It is important to note that there are other states adopting such laws like Nevada.

Why Excessive Honking is a Bad Idea in NYC

Sure, the law may seem a little strict, but the truth is honking should be controlled for your sake and the sake of others. You know that some use honking to express anger; some even throw insulting gestures to people while they honk. This is a potentially dangerous action because one never knows how other drivers might react. Back in 1997, a man in Queens was shot dead because he honked at someone. Honking is very annoying and could drive a dangerous individual over the edge and force him or her to do something horrible. You would hope that this was the only incident involving road rage gone horrible, but there are many cases of people getting shot or attacked for honking across New York and the nation.

The danger of road rage incidents is not the only reason you do not want to honk your car when it is not necessary. There have been accidents caused by honking, too. The sound the horn makes is jarring and could disturb or surprise an unsuspecting driver. This disturbance or surprise could cause the driver to make a potentially dangerous reaction.

Another aspect that needs to be taken seriously is the sound the horn makes, which can have an effect on your health. Honking is noise pollution, which has been shown to have a negative effect on people in different ways. Honking your horn produces a close range sound. Noise pollution, especially honking, has been measured to be 85 decibels. 85 decibels is considered dangerous, according to most ear doctors. This type of noise can lead to premature hearing loss overtime if heard continuously.

Experts have also noticed that noise pollution can lead to stress, which can have an effect on the rest of your health, such as your heart or sleep patterns. Noise pollution has also been associated with a lowered immune system, which is likely due to the increase of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, which is harmless in small amounts, but too much of it could hinder certain functions in the body like the immune system. Perhaps one of the worst aspects of noise pollution is that there is a strong correlation between excessive noise and birth defects, such as hearing loss or mental retardation.


There are many reasons why you should lay off the horn as much as possible, so be sure to consider some of these suggestions. This will increase the safety of yourself and others as well help you avoid that 350 dollar ticket.